Lunchboox Reads and Activities

Pugs of the Frozen North St Christophers1

Pug drawings St Christopher’s Lunchboox

The Bolds Harwell6

Masks at Harwell Lunchboox

North Kidlington scrapbook

Wildlife map by North Kidlington Lunchboox

Artwork by Harwell Lunchboox

Artwork by Harwell Lunchboox

This autumn term’s top reads at our Lunchboox Clubs have included Pamela Butchart’s Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies, Chris Callaghan’s The Great Chocoplot, Tom McLaughlin’s The Accidental Secret Agent and Gary Northfield’s Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans. Activities at the clubs included making evil dinner ladies’ faces on paper plates, designing chocolate bars with special properties, creating spy ID cards, drawing comic strips and lots more….

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